Episode 42

Published on:

27th Mar 2023

Lonely TTRPG EP 42 - Surveyors (Director's Cut) by Black Dragon Dungeon Company

A powerful wizard has created a pocket dimension, but they aren’t quite sure what they have made. This new land must be surveyed, but by whom?

You play as a band of four homunculi created by the wizard and set loose on the new world to explore and gather resources.

Thoughts: This is a fun little worldbuilding game that lets you explore new worlds and create as you play.

You can find Surveyors at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/388672/Surveyors?src=hottest_filtered.php?affiliate_id=3362048 or https://blackdragondungeoncompany.itch.io/surveyors?ac=pEV55vHqdvG

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